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Endodontic Treatment

Every year, fourteen million teeth undergo the most common endodontic treatment – root canal therapy. Endodontics helps you keep your natural teeth for chewing and biting while eliminating the damage inside. Endodontic treatment is one of the Orange County dental services that Placentia Family Dentistry offers.

Your teeth may have hard enamel as its coating, but that coating will still crack and break under specific circumstances. Deep tooth decay is one of the major causes of tooth damage. Cavities build up on the surface and cause hairline cracks if not cleaned properly. The cracks turn into holes as the cavity buildup grows.

Another reason your teeth may break is because of trauma. Your teeth will chip and break if a strong force hits them. Accidents, fights and hard falls are only a few examples of forces that could cause this much damage. This could lead to pulp exposure and needs treatment as an emergency case.

Cracked and damaged teeth may suffer from pulp infection or an inflammation. Your teeth become sensitive. The pain becomes worse as the crater opens up more and the damage deepens. Your pulp may need treatment, and in cases where the damage is irreversible, your dentist will need to remove it. This is where endodontics enters the picture.

The dentist at Placentia Family Dentistry performs routine endodontic procedures like root canal and cracked tooth restoration. You can regain the smile you used to have through the help of our dentist in Placentia. The dentist will trace the real source of oral pain and treat your damaged teeth with the least amount of pain possible. Using the latest technology and the most advanced techniques, the dentist will restore your teeth to their former health.

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